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Dive into a new asset class that distinguishes itself from more traditional investments due to its proceeds and risk-exposure profiles. Diversify your portfolio with blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Stellar and all other cryptocurrencies listed in world-class exchanges, with the ability to invest directly in Brazil.

Our experts are skilled professionals with backgrounds ranging from traditional banking to mathematics and statistics. They will assist you in creating and managing a multi-cryptocurrency portfolio that will reflect your investment profile.

Your personal account advisor will provide you with careful and constant support. Brazilian investors will benefit from the and hassle-free experience of investing in cryptocurrencies directly from Brazil.

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Since 2015 we are deeply involved with cryptocurrencies through our subsidiary Bit.One, the largest cryptocurrency payment platform in Brazil, also selected as one of the Top 3 Fintech companies by Seedstars World in Lausanne, Switzerland.


  • Foto Thiago Augusto Ramos Cesar
    Thiago Cesar
  • Foto Luciano Pantuso
    Luciano Pantuso
  • Foto Claudio Just
    Claudio Just
  • Foto Guilherme Murtinho
    Guilherme Murtinho
    Managing partner
  • Foto Márlyson Silva
    Márlyson Silva
  • Foto Carlos Eduardo Russo
    Carlos Eduardo Russo
    Head of Trading Desk
  • Foto Julian Lanzadera
    Julian Lanzadera
    Legal & Corporate
  • Foto Juliana Walenkamp
    Juliana Walenkamp
    Business Development
  • Foto Laura Cury
    Laura Cury
    Trading Desk
  • Foto Silvana Rabello
    Silvana Rabello
    Financial Analyst
  • Foto Wander Guedes
    Wander Guedes
    Risk Analyst
  • Foto Victoria Schulz
    Victoria Schulz
    Business Dev. Assistant

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