The experience of a swiss private bank for investments in digital assets.

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Transfero Swiss is a unique investment firm focused exclusively on crypto assets and blockchain technology based at the CryptoValley in Zug, Switzerland. Our three main verticals are: Investment, Payment and Tradingof digital assets.

With the mission to democratize the use of cryptoassets, we facilitate the access to this new assets class for clients who aim to diversify their financial applications. We offer diversified investment portfolios and effect a precise and constant monitoring of the market, taking into account the most diverse international jurisdictions. Within the next few years, we anticipate blockchain technologies having a responsible, solid and regulated role in the global economy.

Explore this new asset class that distinguishes itself from traditional markets due to its high profitability and risk-exposure profile. Invest in the most promissing blockchain projetcs and technologies with the support of our intelligence, in a practical and secure fashion, from anywhere around the globe.

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As the the first cryptocurrency payment platform in Brazil, we are deeply involved with cryptocurrencies since 2015 through our subsidiary Bit.One, also selected as one of the Top 3 Fintech companies by Seedstars World in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Our team is extremely complementary, with individuals from distinct professional backgrounds and extensive international experience. Our investment advisors migrated from the traditional financial market and are acquainted with the emergent blockchain technology ecosystem, thus capable of helping our investors to make the best basket of assets according to their risk-profile, interest and return expectations.


  • Foto Thiago Augusto Ramos Cesar
    Thiago Cesar
  • Foto Luciano Pantuso
    Luciano Pantuso
  • Foto Claudio Just
    Claudio Just
  • Foto Guilherme Murtinho
    Guilherme Murtinho
    Managing partner
  • Foto Márlyson Silva
    Márlyson Silva
  • Foto Carlos Eduardo Russo
    Carlos Eduardo Russo
    Head of Trading Desk
  • Foto Julian Lanzadera
    Julian Lanzadera
    Legal & Corporate
  • Foto Juliana Walenkamp
    Juliana Walenkamp
    Business Development
  • Foto Laura Cury
    Laura Cury
    Trading Desk
  • Foto Silvana Rabello
    Silvana Rabello
    Financial Analyst
  • Foto Wander Guedes
    Wander Guedes
    Risk Analyst
  • Foto Victoria Schulz
    Victoria Schulz
    Business Dev. Assistant

Gotthardstrasse, 26 - 6300 - Zug, Switzerland