Transfero Swiss AG

We live in a free world.

But do you feel free in the world you live in?

Freedom is having the power to make your own choices. But when choices are limited, freedom is also.

In 2008, the world was introduced to a new class of assets, also known as "cryptocurrencies". Free from any government interventions or bureaucracies, cryptocurrencies have ushered in a new global revolution, providing borderless financial freedom, for all.

Specialized in offering financial solutions using Blockchain technology, which validates and records all transactions carried out in cryptocurrencies in a decentralized, transparent and secure way, TRANSFERO was born with the aim of facilitating the entry of investors in this new global financial system.

In addition to offering resource management services, purchase and sale of cryptos and payment processing, among others, TRANSFERO also contributes to the popularization of cryptoassets, through a free online financial education platform.

The revolution has begun. True globalization is already happening in the digital environment. In this new crypto world, you have full control of your financial decisions. And now you can count on TRANSFERO's support and expertise to invest in your most valuable asset, your freedom.


Be free. Be crypto.

Coming soon: we are preparing a better experience for you.