The BRZ is the first Brazilian stablecoin in circulation. This will allow Brazilians to directly increase investments in stock exchanges and trade a stablecoin pegged to the Real (BRL) on a global scale. This will allow you to send and receive tokens immediately and securely, at a small cost compared to any other alternative.

We have developed a leading-edge technology to create a digital token. In practice, we can say that it is a payment system based on an independent token and powered by a well-established blockchain, which allows people to keep digital assets backed by a government-issued fiat currency, linking these digital assets or tokens to money and cash equivalent reserves.

Even for utility token projects, it is difficult to build an economy with tokens inherently subject to price speculation. In this sense, the development of a cryptocurrency of stable value is a huge opportunity. In addition to the fact that the BRZ project aims to provide not only stability, but also international liquidity to the current private market, the potential is even more significant.

Pioneering in Brazil

Revolutionizing the Financial System

Providing Liquidity to Global Traders

Creating value to society

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