TSAG’s multi disciplinary experience leverages on different skills on portfolio management, quantitative analysis, risk management and our specialization in the blockchain sector to build different trading strategies catering to different goals.

Transfero Swiss offers an innovative range of investment products, covering various digital assets and active trading strategies. Our Portfolios include not only mainstream cryptocurrencies but also stable coins, ICOs and other token offerings.

Our commitment is to match investment goals with a future-oriented investment style and this requires Transfero to always be one step ahead. We are always looking beyond simple Buy and Hold strategies, pursuing optimal returns while maintaining a prudent and calculated exposure to risks. In our discretionary mandates, clients can rest assured that we will seek the best tailor made strategy that fits with their investment philosophy and matches their risk-reward expectations.

TSAG Advanced Portfolio

The TSAG Advanced Portfolio aims to select the set of cryptoassets that can maximize returns in the long term by strategically allocating funds in different asset classes, including those cryptos pegged to real assets.

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TSAG Libra Top 10 Portfolio

The TSAG Libra Top 10 is composed of the 10 most valuable digital assets by market capitalization. Periodically the manager must rebalance the investor's portfolio to follow original distribution among assets. In this mandate, our strategy include a constraint of concentration of 10% in each asset in the portfolio.

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TSAG Counter Cyclical

The main goal of the strategy is to give investors exposure to a portfolio of uncorrelated assets with high expected returns while significantly reducing volatility. To avoid high volatility and drawdown risks, our portfolio adds gold as another uncorrelated asset to its basket. The combination of a crypto and gold portfolio forms our base strategy and a Smart Beta approach takes advantage of our crypto positions to leverage gains without significantly increasing risk

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