TSAG Funds

We offer fund vehicules to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors who wish to get exposure to this new assets class through a well regulated structure. Our funds execute different hedge fund strategies for different risk profiles.

Traditional Strategies with mainstream assets limit investor’s ability to reduce unsystematic risk in their portfolios. However, although alternative assets are gaining relevance in long term portfolios and might be considered for diversification purposes, some of them are highly correlated to stock markets. As a new asset class, cryptocurrencies have experienced high returns in the previous decade and expected returns tend to remain high.

Due to its novelty many inefficiencies still exist in the market for this asset class and well grounded systematic trading approach can obtain abnormal returns from arbitrage and trend-following strategies. We also grant investors two possibilities: lock-up these gains in a strong currency, such as the US dollar, or accumulate more Bitcoins throughout time by exploring the same inefficiencies.


This portfolio aims to generate absolute long-term bitcoin returns. To do so, we use trending-following strategies as time series momentum to obtain excess returns over a purely bitcoin buy and hold strategy.

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The main goal of the Fund is to give investors exposure to a portfolio of uncorrelated assets with high expected returns while significantly reducing volatility.

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The objective of this strategy is to increase the original value invested in US Dollars by engaging the fund's capital in crypto arbitrage between countries and exchanges and conducting quantitative trading.

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